Herb Fairy Family

a little more about us


Tatiana Bonner-Varchola


In 2018, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disorder where the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue during triggered flares of inflammation. At 19, there were many days where I could not move without crying. Flare ups occurred when I wasn't caring for my physical and mental health. Forced to constantly listen to and analyze my body’s reaction to everything I put in or on my body, this disease that was once extremely daunting, became a tool for me to communicate with my body and heal my mind, body, and soul together. I have now dedicated my life to sharing the magic of holistic health with my community; giving guidance in growing food and medicine, building a collective of healers, and living an overall healthier lifestyle.


Kaila Burke-Ozuna

Content Curator

I have been lucky to know life as a fusion of voices, languages, rhythms, races, and religions. I was born and raised in New York City by an Irish-American momma and a Dominican bred papá. Different pieces of the world flow through my art, documenting the experiences of my brothers and sisters. I believe in our vision, I hold faith in our history, and I create for our liberation. So here I am, putting together the pieces for the world to see what I see and to feel what I feel.


Michael Banks

Product Manager

Raised between New York City and Trinidad, I have been able to witness and experience the oppression of the black man in many dimensions. My understanding of this experience is my motivation to create opportunities for black youth in both homes. I strive to uplift the black economy, take back our space in the thriving CBD/future cannabis industry, and work to create opportunities for the black people who are stuck feeling like they have no other option but to work for a company where their worth is not recognized.


Fairry Bonner

Marketing and Sales Manager

A.K.A. Mama Fairry, mother of the Herb Fairies. I grew up with a large family on Bonner Hill Farm in Hernando, Mississippi, where we farmed our own food. I witnessed my family endure extensive trauma and it killed me to see my family die from mental and physical illness that could've been soothed with a genuine mind and body relationship. I ran from my roots in my younger life, but my daughter, Tati, has revived in me their importance; they are essential for liberating ourselves. I am dedicated to advising women and mothers, sons and fathers, in addressing their history and health as they navigate this world.